Restore Your Hair-PRP Hair Therapy

Date :26-Oct-2021

Hair loss became a dreadful threat to most of us. Though there are various treatments available, the output and the expense are being big questions. Platelet-Rich-Plasma is a modern technique for treating hair loss. Let us see a brief about the procedure.

What is PRP?

“Platelet-Rich-Plasma” Hair Restoration Therapy is a proactive remedial choice for both male and female who experience severe hair loss. It is an advanced non-surgical treatment for the patients who need the stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.


The PRP procedure:

In the Platelet-Rich-Plasma procedure, blood from the patient’s arm is drawn. Then, the blood tube is kept in a machine known as “Centrifuge”. The machine spins the blood tube and separates the red blood cells from the blood plasma. The platelet-rich plasma contains essential growth proteins and is directly injected into the scalp at the hair follicles levels using a microneedle. The injection begins across the scalp, at every half inch of the thinning hair area and the entire PRP process takes less than one hour. The other names of the PRP treatment are vampire hair re-growth plan, PRP hair re-growth treatment. The Platelet-rich plasma procedure is either done separately or combined with micro needling, hair transplant surgery depends on the person’s condition.

The active growth factors in platelet-rich plasma promote hair growth. PRP procedure is ideal for hair thinning and hair loss cases.


We might see many dermatologists, hair and skin specialists prevalent around us. But choosing the best clinic and doctors’ matters. There are many clinics for Hair loss treatment in Bangalore. Many specialists afford PRP treatment in Bangalore.

Vitals Klinic is an efficient provider of PRP treatment for hair loss in BangaloreDr. Harish Prasad is one of the best dermatologists and his team of expert dermatologists treats the people with the PRP treatment in a serene and sterile ambiance with international standards.

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