Treatment of PCOD Related Symptoms

Date :25-Oct-2021

A female hormonal disorder, PCOD or Polycystic Ovary Disease is widespread today. It is a major cause of infertility in women and is characterised by the development of cysts in ovaries. PCOD creates a whole lot of symptoms in women, some of the major ones being acne, hair fall and unwanted hair growth

An excess production of androgen, the male sex hormone, is considered to be a cause for PCOD and its symptoms. The symptoms like acne and hair fall should be treated after an appropriate diagnosis of their type and cause.


The nightmare of most teenage girls, acne that is persistent throughout teenage or the ones that occurs after the age of 25 can be due to PCOD. Since the line of treatment for regular acne and hormonal acne due to PCOD are completely different, a proper and accurate treatment is necessary for the course of treatment.

Acnes in the lower parts of cheeks, jawline, upper neck and chin are a symptom of PCOD. The occurrence of lesions during periods is a sign of PCOD as well. This can be confirmed by a blood analysis to ascertain hormone levels. Acne due to PCOD can be treated with the help of medications, chemical peels or lasers.

Hair fall

Hair fall due to PCOD occurs due to an excessive action of androgen and testosterone. Receding hairline and hair thinning can be treated with hair stimulating medications, platelet rich plasma therapy of injecting nutrient rich plasma from blood into scalp and growth factor injection done intra dermally.

Excessive facial hair growth

Also, called hirsutism, it is caused due to high androgen levels. Sometimes followed by obesity, irregular periods and infertility, hirsutism can be treated with the help of medication to reduce unwanted hair growth and laser hair removal procedure to destroy unwanted hair with the help of laser beam.

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