Hair Fall Treatment With Expert Help from Vitals Klinic

Date :25-Oct-2021

Hair fall is nothing new to most of us. It is one of the major factors in our aesthetic worries. Hair fall concerns have become a part and parcel of our hectic days of work, coupled with the environmental pollution and changing climatic conditions.

Hair fall pertaining to about 50 to 100 strands of hair a day is normal, given the different stages of our hair growth. So you needn’t worry about the few strands that fall off while you brush the hair. However, if the fall grows to more than the usual leading to gradual hair thinning or if you detect a receding hairline, it would be advisable to get an expert opinion.

Causes of Hair Fall

Hair fall can occur due to a number of reasons. Although we are more concerned about hair fall from the scalp, it can occur in other parts of the body, like eyebrows thinning, which many of you might have noticed. Here are some of the factors that lead to hair fall: –

* Hereditary – as much as the genes playing a significant role in hair growth, it does influence hair fall as well. If you have a family history of thinning hair after a certain age, you could also experience it even if you are perfectly healthy.

* Hormonal imbalance due to thyroid disorders, PCOD etc

* Scalp infections or skin disorders such as dandruff

* As a side effect of certain medications

* Excessive or sudden weight loss

* Due to increased stress

* Due to certain hairstyles


We often try out different shampoos and medications available in the market to remedy hair loss. Most of these are useless and hence the importance of expert opinion and treatment. At Vital Klinic, we have a large array of treatment techniques to remedy the different causes for hair fall.

Some of our effective treatment techniques include

Laser treatment – useful in treating genetic hair loss in both women and men

PRP Therapy – a revolutionary technique to stimulate natural hair growth

Mesotherapy – helps in regrowth of hair in the areas of baldness by injecting small doses of medication

Hair Restoration Surgery – involves hair transplantation performed to remedy baldness

Hair Stimulating Medications – inducing hair growth with the help of medication

With a state of the art infrastructure and an expert panel of doctors, Vitals Klinic offers the best skin care and hair care treatments in Bangalore.

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