Injection is infusion of any kind of fluid into the body. This fluid that is infused is termed as injectable. It can be any fluid preparation like a pharmaceutical product, a drug, a chemical, an organic substance or medicine etc.

There are several methods or routes of infusing injectable like

  • intradermal,
  • subcutaneous,
  • intramuscular,
  • intravenous, etc.

For almost all the routes, a syringe and a hollow needle is used. The fluid is filled into the syringe and a puncture is made into the target route with the syringe to transfer the fluid.Injections are among the most common health care procedures performed as they give quick response (sometimes in 5-10 seconds) as compared to solid drugs.

That is why they are best when used for injecting specific substances that are required in the specific areas to get desired results

e.g. injection of PRP in scalp for hair growth.

Injectable Procedures @ Vitals

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